Sunday, December 30, 2007

Playoffs? Let's Talk About Playoffs!

Wondering which religion is the true path? Pray to the Super Best Friends, and you'll get the results you want! I know I did: Washington Redskins 27, Dallas Cowboys 6 (Box score | Article)

Win our 4th straight game and we're in the playoffs? No problem!

Doesn't matter if the #2 offense in the league decides to give its starters a lot more playing time than expected.

Doesn't matter if the Redskins are on the wrong side of 4 instant replay challenges in the first half.

We got the hottest QB in the league (Todd Collins), we got C.P. running well again, we got Santana Moss burnin' it up (8 catches, 115 yards, 1 TD), we got our defense clickin' (holding the Cowgirls to 1 [ONE] yard rushing and no touchdowns.)

Congrats to St. Joe and the 'Skins, we're going to the playoffs, and we EARNED it!

Todd Collins leads 'Skins to 4th straight victory, hasn't turned the ball over this season

Clinton Portis has 4th straight game with 100+ combined yards

Gregg Williams appeals to Iowa caucus voters because he is a Washington insider who is strong on defense.

Next Saturday's wild-card playoff matchup: Redskins at Seahawks!

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